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You are now in a chat room with your full champion select team.
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xYorYx : Hello
Cruor *OSH*: good sirs, i will push like a mad man
xYorYx : That's what you do best
Cruor *OSH*: and it will be silly
Remonchu : Good sirs, I will be a annoying clown.
xYorYx : Good sirs, I have a door
xYorYx : And will use it
Cruor *OSH*: thats nice sir :>
Cruor *OSH*: keep dat lucian sir protected good sir
Remonchu : I lovee this team so much already.
Cruor *OSH*: we got this good sirs
Remonchu : Idfc if we win or lose.
Remonchu : I love it.